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Patio Cost in Dublin: The Complete Guide

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Patio cost in Dublin

When planning your garden build, knowing the cost of paving a patio is key. A patio looks great and adds value to your property. Here’s everything you need to know about patio paving costs so you can decide for your outdoor room. We’ve been paving patios for years so we have tips and quotes to help you succeed. Garden paving or new patio area – we’ve got you covered.

Paving a patio is more than just choosing the slabs. It’s planning and thinking about layout, size and use of space. Our guide covers slabs, labour costs and all that. We look at the benefits of concrete, natural stone and porcelain pavers to help you have your dream patio. We’ll consider your needs and budget and have an outdoor room that’s both lovely and functional.

Note: Labour costs are not just about the hours worked but also the skill level and experience of the labourer.

A good patio can turn your garden into an outdoor room to relax and entertain in. Whether you want a cozy corner with outdoor cushions and wooden decking or a big area for barbecues and parties, the right patio design makes all the difference. We look at the costs of patios with different materials and designs so you know what to expect. From simple gravel to elaborate travertine, we’ve got all patio paving covered so you can choose for your garden path and overall outdoor life.

Patio Cost: What Affects the Price

Here are the factors to consider:

  1. Material Choice: The material choice makes all the difference. Natural stone or porcelain tiles are premium and expensive. Gravel or concrete slabs are cheaper. Each material has benefits and looks – choose what you want for your patio.
  2. Patio Size: Bigger patios need more material and labour, so cost more. Measure your space and decide on the patio size before quotes.
  3. Design Complexity: Curves, multiple levels or fire pits and seating areas add labour time and skill. Simple designs are cheaper and quicker to install.
  4. Ground Preparation: Good ground preparation is key to a solid and lasting patio. That means excavation, grading and a solid base. Bad ground preparation means uneven surfaces and water pooling – and that’s expensive to fix later.
Patio and driveway paving materials and cost

Patio Materials and Prices

1. Gravel Patio Paving

  • Price: €50-€80 per m²
  • Description: Cheapest and easiest to install. Drains well, many colours and textures. Low maintenance, repairable and replenishable. Natural and casual look for cottage gardens, pathways and informal outdoor spaces.

2. Concrete Slabs

  • Cost: €60-€120 per m²
  • Description: Durable and versatile. Many finishes and patterns. Sturdy base and low maintenance. Can be stained or stamped to look like more expensive materials – a high-end look for less.
  • Note: Prices are per square metre and include labour costs.
patio slabs square meter prices

3. Natural Stone (Granite, Limestone, Sandstone)

  • Price: €80-€150 per m²
  • Description: Natural stone looks premium. Granite, limestone and sandstone have different textures and colours for your outdoor space. Durable and weather resistant – a long-lasting choice.

4. Porcelain Tiles

  • Price: €70-€140 per m²
  • Description: Porcelain is durable and low maintenance. Scratchproof and many styles. Fading, moisture and stain resistant – your patio will look great with no maintenance.

5. Block Paving

  • Price: €90-€130 per m²
  • Description: Classic look and durable. For patios and driveways. Uniform and elegant. Creative designs with colours and patterns. Damaged blocks can be replaced individually – maintenance made easy.

6. Tarmac

  • Price: €50-€100 per m²
  • Description: Cheap and durable. Driveways but also for patios. Easy to install and smooth surface. Low maintenance and weather resistant.

7. Imprinted Concrete

  • Price: €70-€120 per m²
  • Description: Looks like stone, brick or slate but cheaper. Stamping patterns into fresh concrete and colour to match. Durable and low maintenance.

8. Sandstone Paving

  • Price: €80-€140 per m²
  • Description: Natural, rustic look with patterns and warm colours. Durable and weather resistant for all climates. Different finishes – smooth and textured – to choose from.

9. Limestone Paving

  • Price: €80-€130 per m²
  • Description: Elegant and uniform look and softer colours. Durable and slip resistant for patios and pathways. Sealing required to stain and weather proof.

10. Granite Paving

  • Cost: €90-€150 per m²
  • Description: Modern look – polished surface and one colour. Extremely durable and weather and wear resistant for high traffic areas. Low maintenance and looks great for years.

Labour Costs

Labour costs for patio installation in Ireland will vary depending on the complexity of the project and the expertise of the installers. On average, expect to pay between €20-€50 per m². Complex designs or difficult ground conditions may increase this cost.

  1. Basic Jobs: Minimal ground work and simple designs – labour costs will be at the lower end.
  2. Complex Projects: Intricate designs, ground work and retaining walls or built-in seating – more labour and more expensive.
patio labour costs

Popular Patio Designs

1. Concrete Patio

Concrete patios are cheap and provide a clean modern look. They are highly durable and can be stamped or coloured to look like stone or brick. Textures and finishes to choose from to match your style.

2. Garden Patio

Garden patios can be made with different materials – each looks and feels different. Mix textures and colours and add plants and garden features to make it beautiful.

3. Travertine Paving

Luxury option – natural beauty and durable. Adds class to any patio and available in different shades and finishes. Cool underfoot for warm climates.

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance is key to longevity and beauty of your patio. Here are some tips:

  • Gravel Patios: Top up gravel regularly to look and function. Landscaping fabric under the gravel to block weeds and make maintenance easier.
  • Concrete Slabs: Seal every few years to weather and stain proof. Pressure wash to clean dirt and algae.
  • Natural Stone: Seal to prevent moss growth and look natural. Sweep regularly to remove debris.
  • Porcelain Tiles: Clean with mild soap to look new. No harsh chemicals to damage tiles.

Cost-Saving Tips

  1. Cheap Materials: Gravel and concrete slabs for the budget conscious. Durable and looks without the price tag.
  2. DIY Installation: If you can, install it yourself to save on labour. Follow ground preparation and installation guidelines to avoid problems later.
  3. Simple Designs: Less labour and cost. Complex designs take time and skill – more material and labour cost.


conclusion patio cost

Planning means knowing the costs and materials. Choose the material and budget and you’ll have a beautiful and functional outdoor space that adds value to your home and curb appeal. Cheap concrete or luxury travertine – planning and maintenance will make your patio the heart of outdoor living for years to come.

A planned patio area turns your garden into a room for relaxation and entertainment. With features such as outdoor cushions, fire pits, or outdoor kitchen, you can create an outdoor living room that extends your indoor space. Consideration of the layout and materials, such as wooden decking and porcelain pavers, makes sure that your patio is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and durable.

Investing in good materials and labour makes all the difference to longevity and look of your patio. Whether you want a minimal concrete paving or a complex block paving and natural stone design, knowing the costs involved will help you decide. Function and style – you’ll have your dream patio that matches your home and you.



How much does it cost to lay a patio per m² in Ireland?

The cost varies depending on the material, ranging from €50 to €150 per square metre.

How much to lay a patio per m²?

Including materials and labour, the cost can range from €70 to €200 per square metre.

How much is a 10×20 patio?

A 10×20 (200 square metre) patio can cost between €10,000 and €30,000, depending on the materials used.

What is the most inexpensive patio option?

Gravel is the cheapest option, costing between €50 and €80 per square metre.

What is the cheapest way to build a patio on a budget?

Using gravel or concrete slabs and opting for a simple design can significantly reduce costs. DIY installation can further save on labour expenses.

By understanding these aspects, you can make informed decisions and create the perfect patio that fits your budget and aesthetic preferences. Whether you’re looking for a simple gravel patio or a luxurious natural stone installation, planning and knowledge are key to achieving your dream outdoor space.

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