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Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space: A Guide to Painting Patio Paving Slabs in Ireland

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is it worth painting patio paving slabs

Whether you’re revamping an old area or just adding a bit of colour to a new space, painting your patio paving is a great way to brighten up your outdoor space.

If painting patio slabs can seem like a big job, I will show you that with the right preparation and good materials it can really make your outdoor space look great and therefore makes it worth your efforts. Patio slabs are made of different materials so each needs a specific approach for a good paint job. Masonry paint is ideal for outdoor concrete patios as it’s durable and can withstand the elements.

Why paint patio slabs?

First of all, let me convince you that painting your patio slabs is a good idea ! Painting your patio slabs has many benefits, so it’s a worthwhile project. Here are the main advantages:

  1. Cheap Transformation: A cheap and easy way to revamp worn out paving, instantly boosting your outdoor space.
  2. Weather Protection: A barrier against the elements, extends the life of your slabs.
  3. Easier to Clean: The smooth surface resists dirt, mould and mildew, makes cleaning easier.
  4. Cost Effective: A cost effective home improvement that will boost your property’s value.
  5. Endless Options: Endless options to choose from, from colours to patterns, so you can be you.
  6. Hides Imperfections: Hides minor flaws and wear, makes your patio look like new.
  7. Safety: Non slip paint can make the surface safer when wet.
how to paint patio slabs

Preparation is Key

Before you start painting patio slabs you need to choose the right tools and materials. A good patio cleaner and a stiff brush are essential for cleaning the patio surface so the paint will adhere properly. For areas with stubborn stains, a power washer can be more effective. A quality concrete paint will ensure the finish lasts, and a patio sealer will add extra protection against weathering.

patio slabs paint preparation

Check the Weather

Before you begin, it’s important to check the weather forecast. Painting your patio requires dry conditions, so look for a clear, sunny period that will allow the paint to cure properly. In Ireland, it’s best to plan this project for the early summer when rainfall is less frequent.

Clean the Patio

Thoroughly cleaning your patio is essential. Remove any dirt, grime, and vegetation. A pressure washer can be highly effective here, but a stiff broom or a solid paint brush and some warm soapy water will also work well. Allow the patio to dry completely before moving to the next step.

Etch the Concrete (If Necessary)

If your paving slabs are very smooth or if you’re working with concrete, you might need to etch the surface. Etching involves applying a chemical solution that roughens the surface, allowing the paint to adhere better.

Painting Process

Apply Primer

Primer is a must for porous surfaces like concrete. Primer will seal the surface and ensure your top coat of paint adheres and looks even.

Apply Base Colour

Once the primer is dry, apply the base coat. Use a roller for big areas and a brush for edges and corners. Depending on the surface and paint type you may need to apply multiple coats. Leave to dry between coats.


Once the base coats are dry, add any patterns or stencils you like to your patio. Use a small brush for details and touch ups. Once all paint is dry you may want to seal the paint with a clear sealant to protect from weather and wear.
patio painting process

Best Practices and Tips

best practices to pain your patio

Choosing the Paint

Choosing the right paint is key to the look and longevity of your project. Masonry paint is recommended for durability and weather resistance. For concrete slabs make sure the paint is outdoor use and can handle moisture. You can find some paint here.

Materials and Porosities

Paving slabs can be made from concrete, natural stone or brick, each with different levels of porosity:

  • Concrete: Highly porous, needs to be sealed before and after painting.
  • Natural Stone: Variable porosity; some stones like slate are less porous and may only need a surface clean before painting.
  • Brick: Porous and uneven, needs to be thoroughly cleaned and primed to get a smooth finish.


  • Test your paint and technique on a small area of your patio first.
  • Add non-slip to your paint if your patio is used daily and in all weather.
  • Clean and touch up as needed.


Painting your patio slabs is worth the hassle, it refreshes the space and turns it into a colourful, inviting extra room of your home. When you start painting make sure to choose the right paint for your type of paving, be it concrete, natural stone or other paving slabs. Using specialist floor paints will add durability and finish and you’ll have a professional looking patio that will withstand the Irish weather for years to come.

Painting concrete and other slabs does more than just look good; it protects the surface from wear and weather and can extend the life of your new patio. Should you paint paving slabs effectively by following the correct preparation and painting process you can highlight and preserve the natural beauty of your outdoor space.

patio painting conclusion

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